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Mahina Ocean 2021 Expeditions

1 April 28 - May 7 9 350 3,600 FILLED - No wait list
2 May 9 - 18 9 350 3,600 FILLED - No wait list
3 May 19 - 28 9 350 3,600 FILLED - No wait list
4 June 8 - 15 7 350 3,400 FILLED - No wait list
5 June 16 - 23 7 350 3,400 FILLED - No wait list
6 June 25 - July 2 7 350 3,400 FILLED - No wait list
11 July 24-August 1 9 350 4,000 FILLED - No wait list
7 August 27 - Sept. 4 8 350 3,500 FILLED - No wait list
8 September 6 -14 8 350 3,500 1 Berth Available
9 September 16-24 8 350 3,500 FILLED - No wait list
10 September 26-October 4 8 350 3,500 FILLED - No wait list

Mahina Ocean 2021 Expeditions are exciting offshore sail-training experiences that include mastering seamanship, navigation, and heavy weather tactics with the goal of preparing you for ocean cruising on your own boat.

These expeditions sail in our home waters of the Pacific NW as the coronavirus closures have meant we’re unable to sail our planned 2021 expeditions through the South Pacific.

You will sail a total of 350 - 400 miles with us aboard Obelix, a Garcia Exploration 45 from Bellingham, WA out the Straits of Juan de Fuca and offshore into the Pacific Ocean to a point 100 miles WNW of Victoria, Canada.


In 9 - 12 days, you will

  • Daily receive 4-8 hours focused hands-on instruction
  • Sail a 175-mile passage out to sea in the North Pacific
  • Practice storm survival tactics
  • Experience ocean swells
  • Practice celestial navigation by taking a sun sight with a sextant and reducing it
  • Complete 3-hours of hands-on diesel and electrical training at SVC Marine Tech Center in Anacortes
  • Practice Lifesling Overboard Retrieval
  • Learn how to utilize powerful tidal currents
  • Navigate inshore and offshore using both paper charts and the latest electronic navigation equipment
  • Accomplish reefing quickly and efficiently
  • Learn how to use modern satellite communication equipment to obtain weather forecasts
  • Make emergency sail repairs, both with needle and palm and a Sailrite machine
  • Learn how to conduct rig inspections including (optionally) going to the masthead
  • Become an experienced helmsperson and knowledgeable watch stander

Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to become totally competent in all aspects of operating, navigation and maintaining a modern cruising boat. Safety is paramount and we require the wearing of the Spinlock DeckVest Lite + while underway and the abstinence from alcohol aboard and a two drink limit ashore.

All expeditions start and end in Bellingham’s attractive Squalicum Harbor. The price includes both the 116-page Expedition Companion and 266-page Offshore Companion, delicious and healthy meals, boat fees, use of a new Spinlock DeckVest Lite + auto-inflate harness/vest/tether. It excludes one lunch and dinner ashore.

At the completion of this intensive ocean training expedition you’ll receive a certificate detailing the instruction you’ve received, and total miles sailed. This can help you qualify for offshore insurance for your own boat and frequently results in lower premiums.

The Garcia Exploration 45, Obelix, has two double cabins and two bunk bed cabins. Each couple will have their own cabin. Obelix charters through San Juan Sailing whose excellent Learn-n-Cruise classes we’ve recommended since 1990.


We ask expedition members be tested for COVID just before joining the expedition and to record their temperatures and oxygen levels daily starting two weeks before the expedition. We will send each expedition member a Pulse-Oximeter with their Offshore and Expedition Companion course books.

Instructors Amanda and John. Click HERE for their bio.


Payment Schedule

Initial application deposit of $500 is refundable if your application is not accepted. Balance of payment is due within 30 days of acceptance. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Cancellation Policy

All fees are refundable if we can re-book your berth. If an expedition is cancelled because of COVID-19, your fees are applicable to a future Mahina Expeditions expedition.

If you have any questions or would like to apply for a berth, contact Mahina Expeditions,, 360-378-7344.


Click HERE to download the application form
Click HERE to view our 2021 Expedition Sea Bag List
Click HERE for directions to Bellingham
Click HERE to view the Garcia Exploration 45 interior layout
Click HERE to view our 2021 Mahina Expeditions South Pacific schedule
Click HERE for a list of Garcia 45 YouTube videos

Click HERE to view our Mahina COVID Protocol and HERE to view our Mahina COVID Self-Assessment Survey and link to the attached docs.




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