Mahina Offshore Services was founded in 1976 following the launch of my first book, Log of the Mahina chronicling my sailing adventures through the South Pacific. This book launched offshore cruising seminars, boat selection consultations and starting in the 1990, offshore sail-training expeditions.

If you’re keen to gather knowledge and experience to accomplish your cruising goals safely and successfully, I’m here to help mentor you.

John Neal

An analysis of the boats you are currently considering, discussing design, construction quality, seaworthiness, safety, speed, and comfort.

Mahina Expeditions are exciting offshore sail-training experiences that include mastering seamanship, navigation, and heavy weather tactics. 2023 training expeditions include the Scottish Isles, a two-part circumnavigation of Vancouver Island and in New Zealand.

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Mahina Offshore Services is at Atiu, Cook Islands.

5 days 49 minutes ago

Polynesian voyaging Waka just arrived off Atiu, Cook Islands having completed a 120 mile passage using only traditional means of navigation with 18 students aboard.

Mahina Offshore Services is at Atiu Island, Cook Islands.

5 days 54 minutes ago

Atiu Island's villages we're all moved to the center of the island and away from the coast by the missionaries.

Mahina Offshore Services is at Atiu, Cook Islands.

5 days 59 minutes ago

Atiu, Cook Islands. After 48 years of visiting the incredible Cook Island under sail, I'm enjoying the freedom of visiting by air and not having