September 1, 2023 Update from Finland and Estonia:

Sailing in and checking out used sailboat market in Estonia and Finland! I’ve been having a great time sailing off Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland lately. Finland is an awesome country with a vibrant sailing, boatbuilding and cruising community, but Tallinn took the cake! Exploring and sailing off the 13th-14th century Old Town was something I’ll never forget. In fact, I’m already making plans to visit Riga, Latvia next summer and hope to find a boat there to borrow or charter as well spend more time sailing in Finland with Kim and Erika whom I met from Liveaboard Sailing Podcasts. View posts of these expeditions on Mahina’s Instagram or Facebook site: #mahinaexpeditions. In the same Baltic area, I’d be remiss not to alert you of the fact that the US dollar – Swedish krona exchange rate is at the most favorable ratio (favorable for Yanks) ever, making the high quality, immaculately maintained cruising yachts and refit yards of Sweden more attractive than ever. I’ve had quite a few consultation clients taking advantage of this recently, and I don’t expect it to change in the near future.

October 13, 2023, Annapolis Boat Show MAHINA OFFSHORE CRUISING SEMINAR: Cruisers University informs me that there are still a few spots open for my full-day Offshore Cruising Seminar. This seminar ALWAYS sells out. Click HERE for details.

Additional Annapolis Boat Show Cruisers University Seminars:

October 12 – Storm Survival Tactics: 8:15-9:45, Shorthanded Sailing Techniques: 10:00-11:30.

October 14 – How to Buy an Offshore Boat, 1-4pm. Part of American Sailing’s Annapolis series.

Just updated BOATS TO CONSIDER FOR OFFSHORE CRUISING LIST I’ve just totally gone through updating, adding and eliminating boats from my four-page list, based on recent findings and input from surveyors, boatyards and owners worldwide. Click HERE for the updated list.

NEW ASA-JOHN NEAL SEMINAR SERIES! Go to for details on the five-part webinar series, and the first one is FREE!

VIRTUAL MAHINA SEMINAR with ebook version of the 260-page Offshore Cruising Companion completed and available! After an exciting and intensive four days of filming with two camera crews going simultaneously, the 10+ hour version of our 2-day Mahina Offshore Workshop held annually early March at the Marine Tech Center in Anacortes is available, either as unlimited digital access or as a USB drive. The $299 price includes periodic updates and the 260-page Offshore Cruising Companion (normally $60). Email me: for payment details. A huge thanks to Julie and Gio Cappelli and of course to SVC Program Chair Mike Beemer.

More updates coming soon!